Blog: Tackling fickleness at work!


Tackling fickleness at work!

Fickleness comes camouflaged as many things it comes cloaked as ideation, generating multiple options, flexibility, and worst of them all as responsiveness. If only we could measure the fickleness index of leaders and the impact it has on the loss of productivity of teams and individuals!
Tackling fickleness at work!
Nothing troubles team members more than fickleness in their leader. Fickleness comes camouflaged differently and so might be difficult to gauge in what form and shape it will come each time. Most leadership development journeys bypass this attribute, perhaps with the assumption that this is assumed to be present in the leader. One only wished it was true! The dictionary meaning of the word ‘fickle’ is fascinating - “changing frequently, especially as regards ones loyalties or affections.’’. This says it all in the context of the workplace.  Fickleness at the macro level means a shifting strategy or strategic elements even before the previous strategic choices have had time to settle, mature and give results We expect our leaders to be steadfast in their beliefs, although distinguishing it from being inflexible or rigid. We want them to be aware of the foundations of what positions they hold, the philosophies they espouse and hence see inconsistenc...
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