Blog: Why we love HR (and you should too)!


Why we love HR (and you should too)!

Look at HR in a new light and enjoy the benefits of their experience
Why we love HR (and you should too)!

There was a long queue outside a very popular nightclub in Bandra, Mumbai. The energy levels and the loud music from the club wafted out into the night air and created a buzz amongst the crowd waiting outside.  The bouncers standing at the entrance were 6”.5’ tall and were meticulously surveying all the entrants to the club.  Their poker faces and no-nonsense attitude seemed to act as a dampener on the young and vibrant party-going population.

Unfortunately, HR in most companies is often viewed just like the above bouncers – boring administrators, always abiding by the rule book and gatekeepers of an organization, who make life as tough as they can for their employees.  In reality, they act as mediators between employees and the organization.  If you love HR, you can see their importance in creating a very conducive learning environment that goes into creating a great workplace.

Creating a great company culture

The culture of an organization drives the behaviour, style of working, processes and the relationships within the organization.  People are the most valuable assets and resources of a company.  So, investing in them from the beginning is very important.  If HR is given the responsibility of creating a culture for the organization, they will work hard towards making the office a great place to work in.

Converting strategies into continuous learning

The company’s vision, mission, aspirations, and strategies are interpreted in different ways by employees, as per their understanding and experiences. 

In order to get everybody on the same page and move towards a common goal, HR would be able to translate these into fantastic learning programs and skills that are required for the short, medium and long term success of the business.  They can develop, implement and enhance the skills of the workforce on a continuous basis.  

Taking stock of company assets

Identifying the best talent that would be a good fit in the company is not everybody’s cup of tea.  Understanding the mission, vision and work culture of the company as well as what keeps employees motivated and what their life goals are is very important.  Striking a balance between the two and finding out who is in it for the long haul is a fine art.  After getting a clear picture of the requirements and the resources at hand, HR can then design learning programs, development paths, track performances and ensure that the best talent is well taken care of.

Being pro-active about structural and performance challenges

HR works with every department in the organization and understands the mission, the vision, the planning and the resources that go into meeting the goals of the company.  They are able to foresee structural and performance challenges and can address them beforehand.  Due to the vital position that they occupy in the organization, they provide the right kind of data to support the top level leadership in the decisions that they make.

Although HR is looked at as a nuisance because of the policies and the programs that they manage, they are a vital cog in the wheel of fortune of an organization.  Their importance cannot be undermined both to the company and to the employees.

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