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Cracking the Code of a Future-Ready Workforce

Companies that are at the forefront of innovation are not just able to identify the right talent. They are also able to retain them by engaging them and helping them navigate their career growth. There are a variety of research studies, technology tools, and workplace trends that are informing progressive workplace practices. How can HR leaders replicate scientific best practices to help their talent thrive in the workplace? From skills to assessments, from mentorship programs to new emerging jobs, there are a range of factors that companies need to plan for. This campaign on “Decode Talent” brought to you in partnership with Mercer Mettl is designed to equip you with expert views, and the latest research to help you to make the decisions for tomorrow, today.


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Here's how to identify future skills

Here's how to identify future skills

Assessments play a major role in helping organizations hire their right fit. But how can recruiters build holistic assessments to accelerate the hiring process?

J Jerry Moses,
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