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Building 10 on 10 Organizations – L&D’s role in enabling peak performance

From an intern to the CEO, everyone strives for greatness…but it’s only when individuals and teams begin to maximize their potential that you raise the bar, to achieve peak performance!

Harappa Education exists because they believe there is massive untapped potential in the Indian workforce.  Most organizations acquire talent quite easily, but maximizing their potential & raising the bar to achieve peak performance? That’s another challenge altogether.

Through lived wisdom, extensive research and deep industry engagement, Harappa has identified 150 workplace behaviors that are required to achieve peak performance. The Harappa 10 on 10 program has been designed to inculcate these behaviors in your teams.

In this campaign, Building 10 on 10 organizations - L&D’s role in enabling peak performance in partnership with Harappa Education, we’d be looking at the different aspects of accelerating HR and L&D’s role in enabling peak performance for your employees.

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