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Talent acquisition in today’s dynamic world is not easy. Employers are not able to fulfill their staffing requirements effectively on account of mismatches such as in interests and skills. Hence the dire need for a quality staffing partner to find the right talent and that too quickly. Through this content campaign in partnership with Indeed, we will take a look at how staffing organizations can help companies to find the right talent in the changing landscape of work, the rising importance of staffing companies in today’s digitally disrupted world, the critical challenges being faced by the staffing industry and some practical solutions to resolve the same. The campaign will feature articles, case studies, expert interviews and exciting infographics that will help you reflect on your own learning practices. Happy Reading!

Scaling your staffing business: What does it take?

Scaling your staffing business: What does it take?

This experiential session will present the story of how a leading staffing organization has scaled successfully what worked and what were the learnings.

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