Download: Parental entitlements and childcare in Indian organizations

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Parental entitlements and childcare in Indian organizations

As per People Matters study in partnership with KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare, “finding the right partner for crèche facilities” is one of the top three challenges among employers in India
Parental entitlements and childcare in Indian organizations

Although the Maternity Benefit Amendment Act (2017) was introduced with a positive intent to steer gender diversity in organizations, it came with its own challenges. While some organizations struggle to find a replacement for working mothers going on leave, some struggle to bear the administrative burden of managing the additional facilities and employee records. People Matters and KLAY Prep Schools and DayCare conducted a study with the objective of understanding how the leading companies are complying with the Maternity Benefit Amendment Act (2017), the challenges they are facing in the process, and the solutions they are looking for. The survey saw the participation of more than 90 unique companies across industries and sectors.

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