Download: Employer Branding Trends Study 2016 - Building Strategic Imperatives

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Employer Branding Trends Study 2016 - Building Strategic Imperatives

The People Matters - research report presents a comprehensive overview of employer branding trends in India.
Employer Branding Trends Study 2016 - Building Strategic Imperatives

Building an employer branding strategy involves a number of steps, including articulating and practicing values, aligning the different talent management plans of the organization and creating a robust communications strategy. The 4th edition of the People Employer Branding Trends Study 2016 benchmarks and assesses the key shifts in the way organizations approach their employer branding strategies. The Study surveyed over 85 companies and mapped perceptions of about 600 candidates to identify potential gaps in expectations between the employer and the prospective employee.

This year, we studied the bottom-up perspective to understand what Employer Brand means from a candidate or a prospective employees’ point of view. This involved not just understanding what attributes or factors influenced candidate choices, it also meant understanding how leading organizations map candidate perceptions in their own context and how they embed these findings into their strategy.

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