Event: Building successful Employee Volunteering Program|Tata Communications case study

  • When: Wednesday, 8th August, 2018 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Who should attend: CSR Leads, HR Heads and Personnel, Senior HR Leaders and Managers

Employee Volunteering is a win-win scenario: it is good for community, good for employees, and good for the business.

Employees are demanding more meaning from their work. Employee volunteering is seen as a potential way to engage employees who are always in search of purpose-driven work. The benefits of the employee volunteering program to your company and your employees can be many and varied- productive & engaged employees, staff retention, increased brand recognition, enhanced reputation of the company, etc. While employee volunteering seems like an answer, but engaging the key stakeholders, employees are a challenge.

In this webcast Supriya Singh, Head- Corporate Social Responsibility, Tata Communications will share the case study of her organization, demonstrating how the employee volunteering program enhanced the overall job satisfaction of the employees, while simultaneously impacting the communities. Joining Supriya is Abhishek Humbad, Founder, Goodera. 
This session will focus on the following discussion pointers:

  1. What is Employee Volunteering?
  2. Why Employee Volunteering is a sure-fire way to workforce engagement?
  3. How organizations can shape a purpose-driven culture with higher engagement levels through building a volunteer program around goals and objectives that are in tune with the employees
  4. How Tata Communications built a successful Employee Volunteering Program: A roadmap

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Supriya Singh

Supriya Singh

Head-Corporate Social Responsibility, Tata Communications
Aditya Nagpal

Aditya Nagpal

Business Head - Volunteering, Goodera

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