Event: From descriptive, to predictive & prescriptive HR analytics

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While descriptive analytics in HR provides valuable insights about how decisions in the past impacted talent management, predictive and prescriptive method of analyzing data helps in making decisions for the future based on predictions. Prescriptive analytics take the science of data analytics to the next level--you can get recommendations based on logic and data that is uninfluenced by human biases. 

In this conversation with Fermin Diez, Deputy CEO & Group Director, National Council for Social Service and Chee Tung Leong, CEO - Engage Rocket, experts will explore how the HR fraternity can help their employees move from a ‘what went wrong?’ approach to a ‘how can we implement this strategy based on sound data analytics?’ 

Deliberations we will bring to our listeners: 

  1. Data analytics is not more new to HR but yet the pace at which the function has embraced it and shown results is very slow. What do you think are the fundamental reasons behind it?

  2. What roles does business play in supporting people analytics? And when you speak with leaders across the region do you see any trends in adoption of people analytics across HR and business?

  3. At what stages of talent management do you think making data-informed decisions would help HR professionals play an integral role in their organizations at a strategic level?

  4. When you talk about making data-informed decisions, can you share an example when prescriptive analytics helped in managing talent in a better way?

  5. About 27 percent of companies surveyed across 50 countries lack formal processes that would ensure that there’s no bias in the base pay of their employees, according to Willis Towers Watson study. What is the one step that you believe HR professionals must take in order to avoid human bias impacting talent management in their organizations?

  6. What are some of the common myths that need to be busted with it comes to leveraging people analytics?

  7. Several organizations are on a journey of understanding the role of data analytics in their workplace. Can you chalk out this transformation step-by-step in order to help our viewers embark upon this strategic journey of making data-driven decisions?

  8. What is that one thing that talent managers should start, stop and continue doing to ensure an objective approach to accelerating workforce productivity?


Ester Martinez

Ester Martinez

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters Media
Fermin Diez

Fermin Diez

Deputy CEO & Group Director, National Council for Social Service
Leong Chee Tung

Leong Chee Tung

CEO, Engage Rocket


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