Event: How self-leadership and self-awareness can drive organizational transformation

  • When: Thursday, December 9th | 12:00 PM - 13:00 PM SGT
  • Who should attend: HR Professionals

In an increasingly complex world, the most fundamental skills will remain vital to professional success: among them, our ability to take charge of our own careers and direct our own path to learning. How can professionals prepare for what lies ahead?

By first understanding the fundamental skill of self-leadership, as evident in one's:

  • Degree of self-awareness and capacity for self-management
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Strategy for achieving goals

Self-leadership is one of the higher cognitive skills that experts believe will be in demand in the workplace of the future. In fact, a global survey from McKinsey points to the value of self-leadership in the evolution of work: professionals who opt to sharpen their skills by engaging in continuous education tend to be better prepared for disruptions at work – more so when they cultivate their self-leadership.

In this exclusive discussion presented by People Matters and upGrad, we'll uncover how this core skill can help professionals reach new milestones in their career.

  1. 1. What is self-leadership in the context of the modern workplace – and why is it a critical factor for career success?
  2. 2. How can self-leadership empower professionals as they upskill and prepare for the future of work?
  3. 3. How can learners develop self-awareness and exercise self-management in a challenging work environment?
  4. 4. How can self-leadership (mastering one's energy, passion and optimism) be harnessed at the organisational level, in order to drive innovation?
  5. 5. How can self-awareness (having the courage and confidence to take risks) help individuals connect their own mission to the vision of the team?
  6. 6. With agility a critical component of change management, how can self-leadership and self-awareness prepare individuals to respond quickly to change?
  7. 7. How can these core skills help individuals thrive in a period of transformation?
  8. 8. How can self-leadership and self-awareness inspire teamwork in organizations towards a common goal?

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Manavi Pathak

Manavi Pathak

Head - Talent & Leadership & OD, Tata Trent Ltd
Mukhvinder Singh Bains

Mukhvinder Singh Bains

India Learning & Leadership Development Lead, Accenture
Minaxi Indra

Minaxi Indra

President, UpGrad for Business
Prabir Jha

Prabir Jha

Founder & CEO, Prabir Jha People Advisory
Tanya Boyd

Tanya Boyd

Learning Architect, Insights
Ester Martinez

Ester Martinez

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, People Matters


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