Event: People Matters Talent Acquisition 2018 Pre-conference Tweet chat

  • When: 24th May, 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Who should attend: CEOs, CHROs, TA Heads, HR Directors, HR Senior Managers, HR Managers and HR executives

Topic: Talent Acquisition: Fast Forward

Socio-economic forces coupled with the anatomic technological clamour have and will drastically alter the way organisations acquire talent in the near future. And finding the right talent continues to be the prime mandate for the recruitment teams. As we delve deeper into the opportunities that these cross roads present to the organisations during the Conference on May 30th, join us for an exciting tweet chat to build the momentum around this key theme.

Some of the questions that the tweet chat will focus on are:

Q1. With the changing role of human recruiters, what are some of the key skills required by the recruiters to be successful tomorrow?
Q2. How are you leveraging artificial intelligence in augmenting the recruitment process?
Q3. What new innovations have you experienced in the interviewing process using technology?
Q4. What are some of the interesting newer recruitment models that you can have come across in terms of the structure?
Q5. How are you designing an authentic candidate experience for your future workforce?

To participate in this Tweetchat please use the hashtag #TALeague and tweet your answers to the respective question number (e.g. Q1/A1)


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