Event: Pre-Hire Strategy - Making it impactful for a candidate and the company

  • When: 11th October, 2018 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Price: Complimentary
  • Who should attend: L&D Heads, Senior HR leaders and HR Managers

Pre-hire solutions when linked with hiring strategy, help businesses achieve the desired business outcomes, which is why identifying, assessing and hiring the ‘right’ talent is crucial for them

Organizations need a comprehensive and inclusive strategy that not just helps them hire the best of graduates, but also manage the volume of hiring and hiring for professionals. They need to use outcomes-based assessment to track back the outcomes framework and map it with their talent pool. Additionally, they need to breed and facilitate a positive candidate experience to attract the best local talent.

In this webcast, you will learn the steps involved in creating the right pre-hire strategy for your company. Here's what we will cover -

  1. Pre-hire strategy and outcomes-based assessment
  2. 4 Simple steps to measurable outcomes
  3. Need and impact of delivering a positive candidate experience
  4. Case Studies from progressive organizations


Dr. Pearl John

Dr. Pearl John

Consulting Director, SHL India

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