Event: Reimagine Onboarding: Gamifying the first 90-day experience

  • When: Friday, January 20th | 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM IST
  • Location: Online
  • Who should attend: CHROs, HR Leaders, CXOs, HR heads, Learning & Development heads, Senior HR professionals and Managers

Today's fast-changing business environment demands that companies stay on top of changing skills requirements. With evolving technologies and a greater emphasis on digitalisation reshaping the skilling landscape, impactful learning programs are the need of the hour.

Gamification of the first 90 day journey of an employee provides companies with the right opportunity to merge engagement with learning effortlessly. In addition to driving the right results, gamification introduces competition, connection, and collaboration models to ensure high participation in the hybrid workplace.

To deliberate further on the role of gamification in revamping onboarding learning in building future learning programs, People Matters and Imarticus bring you this exclusive webinar on Reimagine Onboarding: Creating an impactful 90-day experience through gamification'

Some of our key points of discussion would include:

  • How has the shift to hybrid work impacted onboarding program design and executions? What essential employee preferences should companies consider while designing immersive onboarding programs.
  • What is Game-Based Employee Onboarding? How can digital, gamified onboarding programs be a powerful tool for learning professionals hoping to meet their companies' ever-changing skill needs right from the time they step inside the company.
  • What features should a good onboarding game have? How can gamified onboarding programs help improve employee experience and engagement, thus leading to better retention and employee performance.

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Sandeep Rambhatla

Sandeep Rambhatla

Senior Vice President - Head Enterprise Learning - Imarticus Learning
Manavi Pathak,

Manavi Pathak,

Head - Learning and Organizational Development at Samsung R&D Institute India
Pramey Jain

Pramey Jain

Co-Founder & CEO, Tartan

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