Event: Winning over the performance management obstacle | Relaxo's Success Story

  • When: Wednesday, 22nd August, 2018 - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Who should attend: HR Heads, Recruitment Leaders, Senior HR Managers

A recent study by PWC indicates that 93% corporate leaders believe that any PMS should cater to business objectives, 12% are content with their existing performance management system, 52% feel the need to make changes to their PMS and 16% say that their organizations have done away with individual rating systems completely. Where do most growth organizations stand in this landscape?

Keeping feet happy is the number-one goal at Relaxo Footwears Limited. And based on its position as the second-largest footwear producer in India, combined with its growing international presence, Relaxo is making that goal a reality. But when its manual HR processes started leading to delays that threatened to impact recruiting, employee performance tracking, talent development, and succession planning, Relaxo knew it needed to take action. Join this webcast to know how Relaxo made its success story using PMS.

Here are a few discussion pointers that the webcast will cover:

1) What are the major PMS challenges faced by growth organizations?

2) How can PMS learning processes be better operationalized?

3) How to ensure that PMS leads to effective feedback, mentoring, competency mapping and creation of IDPs?

4) How can ownership and engagement be increased with regard to PMS?

5) How to choose the right PMS for your growing organization?

6) How has technology revolutionized the PMS?

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Atul Pandey

Atul Pandey

Vice President- HR, Relaxo Footwears Ltd.
Raghu Pant

Raghu Pant

Senior Value Advisor, Industry Value Engineering, SAP



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