Event: XLRI: 1st National HR-IR Conference

  • When: Saturday,3rd Dec, 2016 & Sunday,4th December, 2016
  • Location: XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Price: Rs. 5000 per delegate & Rs. 1000 per paper presentation entry
  • Who should attend: B-School students, employees & authorites from various industries, academics and legal practitioners

Reputed B-school XLRI is organising the 1st ever national HR-IR conference this December.

This brainchild conference is a joint effort by the Students Association for Promotion of Personnel Management, Human Resources and Industrial Relations (SAPPHIRE) and the Forum for Industrial Relations at XLRI (FIRE@X).

The idea is to provide a platform for the bigwigs from various industries, academicians and legal practitioners to discuss and debate on the various challenges in India’s HR-IR landscape, on the lines of this year’s theme: Dynamics of HR-IR: Realigning skills, systems and practices in the face of globalization.


PANEL 1: Change in Technology and its Effect on Human Resources
A discussion on the latest technological trends entering the market and how human resources management can empower the employees through proper integraton into the existng workplace. The following key issues will be dliberated in detail: the technological divide, data analytcs, cloud storage and the pitalls of technology misuse
PANEL 2: Skill India and its significance in Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Discussion on the challenges and opportunites that the initatve would provide for the workforce in the country.How can private sector accelerate skill development in India? How can the benefts of Skill India be propagated to the masses? How is Skill India different from the previous skill development policies
PANEL 3: Socio-political and Economical Implications of Globalization on the Labour Force
A discussion on the socio-economic and politcal implicatons of globalizaton on the labour markets.The following key issues would be interrogated in detail: cross-border labour mobility, price effects in terms of wage inequalites, quantty effects in the form of withincountry employment shifs and changing nature of the work itself
PRESENTATIONS:Emerging Metrics to Workforce Effectiveness & Rewriting roles:Advancing Employment Relations in Work Environment
The best papers will be presented during the conference and also be circulated among the conference partcipants. The 3 best papers will also receive “Best Paper Awards” at the conference which includes cash prizes. All papers deemed worthy by the faculty will be submited for publicaton in XLRI’s in house esteemed journal, Management and Labour Studies (MLS)


XLRI, Jamshedpur

XLRI Jamshedpur Circuit House Area, Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831001

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Geoffrey Dominic
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