News: Meesho announces 9-days Reset & Recharge Break

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Meesho announces 9-days Reset & Recharge Break

The Reset and Recharge break is designed to enable employees to disconnect from work and take a break following the hectic festive sales season.
Meesho announces 9-days Reset & Recharge Break

As part of its employee wellness initiative, social commerce startup Meesho has announced a 9-day "Reset and Recharge" break from November 11-19.

The break is aimed at unplugging from work, immersing themselves in festivities, and, most importantly, prioritise their mental well-being. 

Recently, the company also revamped its parental policies to provide enhanced support to its employees as they navigate the journey into parenthood. As compared to other companies, Meesho has announced an extended 30-week leave for the primary caregiver.

“Over the past couple of years, we have been impressed by the intangible yet profoundly positive influence that the Reset and Recharge break has exerted on our employees' mental well-being. Notably, after their return to work from the break, we have observed a palpable sense of joy and renewed vigor in our team. This, perhaps, is one of the factors that helps Meeshoites bring their utmost potential to the workplace,” said Ashish Kumar Singh, CHRO, Meesho.

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