News: RAW Pressary raises $6 million from investors


RAW Pressary raises $6 million from investors

RAW Pressery, which is owned by Rakyan Beverages Pvt Ltd, has raised $6 million in its latest round of funding.
RAW Pressary raises $6 million from investors

RAW Pressery, the organic cold-pressed juice and beverage brand, which is owned by Rakyan Beverages Pvt Ltd, has reportedly raised around $6 million from its existing venture capital investors Sequoia Capital, Saama Capital, and DSG Consumer Partners. 

Previously, it had raised an amount of $4.5 million from the investors in the year 2016.

The funds would be utilized in expanding the manufacturing capacity and distribution reach for its new product launches, as reported by the media.

The company is now present in 15 Indian cities and has grown 120% since last year, the Managing Director Anuj Rakyan told media. He started the RAW Pressery in the year 2013.

“Keeping up with this expansion is what we needed to raise the new round for. A large part of the proceeds—around 40-50%—are going to go for capital expenditure, to increase our production capacity for keeping up with this expansion. Our current capacity is close to 350,000 liters a month, we will be taking this up to a range of about 550,000-600,000 liters per month,” said Rakyan.

The company also has plans to expand in the West Asia market, and specifically in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, RAW Pressery also has plans to add new products to its existing portfolio apart from launching dairy products and fresh food items.

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