News: Your employee ID card can be used for making payments at company cafes

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Your employee ID card can be used for making payments at company cafes

Using Radio Frequency Identification, Zeta can now turn any office ID card into a Super ID which will enable you get your coffee from the company cafeteria without cash or coupons.
Your employee ID card can be used for making payments at company cafes

Zeta, India’s most revolutionary digital employee benefit solutions provider, has launched Zeta Super ID - a unique payment solution that uses an employee’s existing company ID card to make payments.

Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Zeta can now turn any office ID card into a Super ID and enable cashless payments at office cafeterias.

Employees can use their Super ID at office cafeterias and make payments with a single tap. The total time taken to make a payment is a record 2 seconds.

The Zeta Super ID, which functions as an RFID payment card, is linked to the employee's Zeta account and can be used to make quick payments within the office cafeteria. Employees can order food at the office canteen and pay by simply tapping their access card on the vendor’s reading machine. The amount is then automatically deducted from the employee’s Zeta account. 

Employees can either access their Zeta Optima™ electronic meal vouchers or even their Zeta wallet (Cash Card) and make payments using their Super ID.

Our main focus is to equip corporate organisations with digital corporate cafeteria solutions that offer the highest level of convenience to employees. We’ve helped many organisations to implement desk-based food ordering and cashless payments, which have eliminated queues at the cafeteria," said Ramki Gaddipati, Zeta Co-founder and CTO, 

“And now, we have introduced the Zeta Super ID, which is a secure yet a simple way of making cashless canteen payments. Many of our clients have approached us on their company-specific requirements and we have customised our products to offer them innovative solutions built on a robust technology platform,” he added.

Zeta Super ID is a part of Zeta’s automated cafeteria portfolio - Express. Zeta Express® provides end-to-end solutions for companies right from ordering food, to cashless payments to managing cafeteria vendors.

A digital corporate cafeteria can save nearly 100 hours of employee productivity in a year by offering a crowd-free cafeteria experience, cashless payments and reduced waiting time while ordering meals.

Several companies including Telenor, Tata Group and Oyo Rooms have successfully implemented Zeta Express® in their organisations, which has provided thousands of employees with the convenience of hassle-free payments and quick meals.

Super ID works only in a trusted environment and at trusted merchants. Users have complete control to link or de-link the Super ID with their account through the Zeta app. 

Few months back, Sodexo which is the paper voucher firm operating in the space of employee benfits and services had teamed up with Zeta to offer a seamless digital experience to its consumers. This was because of the RBI directive which requires the phasing out of paper based employee vouchers. Paper-based meal vouchers, according to policy update by RBI, won’t be accepted beyond 31st December 2017.

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