News: Google extends the Labor Day weekend for collective well-being

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Google extends the Labor Day weekend for collective well-being

The new leave plan is meant for the employees' 'Collective well being.'
Google extends the Labor Day weekend for collective well-being

Having extended its work-from-home model to summer 2021, Google offered an extended weekend to its employees on the occasion of Labor Day, aimed at supporting employees' well-being during the coronavirus pandemic.

With an aim to make sure its employees are maintaining their peace of mind and not letting work take a toll over them, the tech giant added an extra day to the two-day long weekend, meant for the employees' 'Collective well-being.'

The company also encouraged all managers to support their teams for carrying out the same. As per a report, Google's internal forum for employees read, "We strongly encourage you to take this day off - and managers should actively support their team to re-prioritize work commitments in order to do so."

Additionally, employees can also swap their third week off with another day if something of importance comes up on Friday. Googlers across the globe celebrated this initiative. Bringing down the work week from six to five to four, the experimentation with working hours in the corporate world triggers a much-needed conversation on employee well-being in the present day.

While several organizations have extended the work from home model for employees to better plan the months ahead, addressing the workload is a crucial discussion that requires immediate attention in the face of increasing burnout. Employers need to tap into feasible alternatives that provide healthy working mechanisms and policies for the workforce.

Working professionals across the globe are celebrating this move. Companies across domains are taking care of their employees and launched policies that manage mental health. These trends are likely to go high in the coming days as well. 

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