News: ThoughtWorks re-launches Vapasi to bring technical women back –to-work


ThoughtWorks re-launches Vapasi to bring technical women back –to-work

ThoughtWorks opens gateway for experienced women developers to rejoin world of programming through its initiative Vapasi.
ThoughtWorks re-launches Vapasi to bring technical women back –to-work

ThoughtWorks, a global technology company, relaunched ‘Vapasi’, an initiative to bring experienced women, developers, currently on a career break, back to work. The program aims at bridging the gender gap within the senior developer community.  It will provide a platform to female IT professionals to re-define their career paths and connect with professionals, exchange experiences and support each other in becoming an active member of the IT community.

With the help of customized designed four-week boot camp, Vapasi will provide training to female developers to enhance their programming skills through hands-on sessions. This was designed to ensure that, the returning technologists are up-to-date in the ever evolving IT space. Post the boot camp, the partakers would be encouraged to apply for a 3 or 6-month internship with the company and after the internship, those interested may join ThoughtWorks as full –time employee or opt for specially designed recruitment procedure.

 Savita Hortikar, Head of Recruitment, ThoughtWorks India, commented on the Vapasi program. She explained that, “ThoughtWorks has always been passionate about diversity. We realize that an inclusive working environment of passionate and driven women technologists leads to collective and sustainable organizational growth. We are happy to provide a platform in the form of the Vapasi program, for women professionals to continue strong technical careers.”

This program is part of #TalkTechToHer- making the workplace amazing for women - by being both, supportive and the right kind of challenging. The ThoughtWorks campaign is directed towards women in technology who have more than 6 years of work experience. The campaign aims to spread awareness about inclusivity and conveys an important message that - women can achieve as much as men, or more when they are presented with the opportunities, without the biases.

ThoughtWorks is a software company, working towards delivering technology, to address toughest challenges for clients. 5 out of 6 ThoughtWorks India offices have women Office Technical Principals and 2 of our 6 offices are headed by women. Even their CTO is a woman. 

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