News: Infosys cites H-1B visa denials, a major cause of attrition

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Infosys cites H-1B visa denials, a major cause of attrition

Tighter immigration laws and increase in the number of H-1B visa denials has led to higher attrition rates at Indian IT companies, according to media reports.
Infosys cites H-1B visa denials, a major cause of attrition

Infosys has cited the paucity of H-1B visas to go around among within the company as a major reason behind the increasing employee attrition.

Dreams of international travel tend to attract employees to Indian IT firms like Infosys. Infosys’s value proposition, for a long time now, has been the hope and possibility of getting promoted to a US-based job profile. This prospect has drawn many employees towards the company.

However, with stricter immigration policies under the current administration, it has become all the more difficult for Indian IT companies to procure new visas or even extend the existing ones. The tighter visa rules prefer applicants who have a master’s degree and there is a trend that these candidates tend to choose American tech companies.

Moreover, Infosys bore the brunt of getting the most visa rejections in the year 2018. According to the Centre for Immigration Studies, US, Infosys received about 2,042 visa rejections in 2018.

By the end of Q4, Infosys’ attrition had increased to more than 18 percent which is a considerable jump compared to 16.6 percent last year.

With these kind of attrition rates, leaders of Indian IT companies are starting to look at redefining their value propositions. Identifying opportunities that would keep the employees engaged in their homeground, finding creative ways to enable employees to handle global projects and chalking out a career growth plan would help in retaining top talent, especially in the 3-5 years of experience bracket.

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