News: US-based InvolveSoft raises $2.5 million funding


US-based InvolveSoft raises $2.5 million funding

The community engagement software vendor plans to expand its sales channel through the funding.
US-based InvolveSoft raises $2.5 million funding

InvolveSoft, the community engagement software vendor, raised $2.5 million in funding in a round led by Bonfire Ventures. Investors in this round included Greycroft, Bertelsmann, Launch Capital, CrowdSmart and Noname Ventures. The company has previously raised funding from Mucker Capital and others.

The Santa Monica-based company will use the funds to build on its SaaS application technology, expand sales channels and grow its already-unmatched volume of volunteer event content.

Gaurav Bhattacharya, InvolveSoft CEO and Co-Founder were quoted in media saying, Millennials are driving a massive shift in the way we think about hiring and retaining employees. Finding excellent tools to engage employees and contribute to the community easily is now first order priorities. We’re excited to support the evolution of business values while doing good across thousands of causes and communities.”

InvolveSoft is a SaaS solution that streamlines and powers Employee Engagement programs such as Volunteering, Team Activities, Leadership & Training, as well as Diversity & Inclusion. The company launched its corporate volunteer platform in early 2017 to accelerated sales success. The platform includes a database of volunteer events to ensure ease of finding the right events by Cause, Geography, and Skills. Involvesoft's solutions include social sharing, group and team-leader creation along with the ability to track paid time off and similar metrics.  

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