News: Artificial Intelligence Startup, Pymetrics raises $8 million

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Artificial Intelligence Startup, Pymetrics raises $8 million

Pymetrics, an Artificial Intelligence startup raises $8 million for job-matching with AI and neuroscience games
Artificial Intelligence Startup, Pymetrics raises $8 million

Pymetrics, a New-York based startup that use AI and neuroscience games to match people with the jobs, raises $8 million in the new funding round. 

Pymetrics allow candidates to play games that assess their abilities like memory, emotion detection, risk-taking, focus, etc. The results are then analyzed by AI to compare the candidate’s profile with the profile of a company’s top performers. Pymetrics includes neuroscience games like virtual money transactions, keyboard clicks, etc. and a candidate has to complete 12 games to receive a comprehensive assessment. 

Pymetrics’ Co-Founder and CEO, Frida Polli was stated in media saying that the game results are analyzed by Artificial Intelligence instead of humans to prevent biases. She further said, "Our goal is to make the world a fairer place by dismantling hiring discrimination like sexism, racism, ageism, and classism.”

Earlier, Unilever-North America partnered with Pymetrics to use artificial intelligence to screen all entry-level employees. The consumer goods giant completely digitized their screening process where candidates play neuroscience-based games which measure their innate traits and record interviews which was then analyzed by AI. If candidates pass the AI screening, they then go through an in-person screening that determines if they get the job. 

Pymetrics was founded by two female Harvard/MIT-trained PhDs, Frida Polli and Julie Yoo in 2013 and has raised a total of $17 million to date.

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