News: Helena: A Siri for recruiters?

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Helena: A Siri for recruiters?

San Francisco based startup, Woo launched a virtual assistant that connects HR professionals to potential candidates.
Helena: A Siri for recruiters?

Woo, an Israeli-US company recently launched an AI-powered headhunter-Helena to search and source potential candidates. 

The three-year-old AI-startup, Woo connects employers and possible employees – without the intervention of either. Woo’s technology collects data from job seekers and employers and algorithmically matches them. The company also shares insights on individual job seekers, companies, and market trends. 

Helena, the AI enabled virtual assistant plays a dual role-the agent and the headhunter. As an agent, Helena allows professionals to discreetly and passively get job opportunities from companies. Once the candidate shows interest, Helena refers them to the company and makes sure they respond as quickly as possible.

Woo’s founder and CEO shared in media, “Unlike using a pricey headhunter to manually source and screen a limited number of candidates for specific jobs, Helena uses data science to hire. This not only spares employers and job seekers the hassle of having to find each other, but it also makes for an infinitely more accurate and scalable hiring solution."

According to various case-studies and research studies, AI tools and technologies have said to improve the recruitment and talent acquisition efforts by examining through data and gathering insights about a potential candidate.  Also, it is reasoned that Artificial Intelligence has a potential to solve the recruitment bias. 

In an earlier conversation with Pankaj Bansal, Co-Founder, and CEO of PeopleStrong, he shared “With the application of AI in matchmaking and use of assessments, no longer would individual views and biases feature as selection criteria. Selection can be made based on scientific algorithms based on past trends, CTQs, and other success data set.”

Ami Dudu and Liran Kotzer founded Woo in 2015. The company recently raised $7 million in a Series A funding round. To date, the company raised $11.4 in investments. WeWork, Lyft, Uber, and Microsoft are some of the Woo’s clients.    

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