News: HR tech platform Darwinbox to integrate with WhatsApp for Business

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HR tech platform Darwinbox to integrate with WhatsApp for Business

The integration is designed to bring more convenience in this new mode of work and receive important communications quicker.
HR tech platform Darwinbox to integrate with WhatsApp for Business

Cloud-based Human Capital Management platform Darwinbox has integrated with WhatsApp amid the COVID-19 crisis, which makes it one of the first-ever HRMSs that allows enterprises to engage with their HR Tech on WhatsApp, in a manner that is real-time, seamless and convenient. 

Chaitanya Peddi, Co-founder and Product Head, Darwinbox stated, “In the wake of the crisis, productivity has become key for businesses, and convenience is the crying need of the hour for today’s remote workforce. The conversation has shifted from work-life balance to work-life integration. So we wanted to get enterprises one more step closer to convenience, by going where they are.” 

Peddi further added that WhatsApp is not an app that one has to categorically drive adoption for as everyone is already there. People have been having professional conversations, sharing updates and seeking permission for leaves, etc on WhatsApp for a while now. So for an HR leader of any organization, it could be extremely comforting to know that a new thing they’re launching will have assured adoption from 100% of the employees on Day 1.

Under this integration, employees can receive a team member’s request or recognition from a peer directly on Whatsapp without having to open their HRMS. The way it works is two-fold: 

a) Information-based Notifications, whereby you receive a message on your WhatsApp chat from Darwinbox, providing you with information like your leave has been approved, your reportee has received recognition, it’s your reportee’s work anniversary and so on. 

b) Action Based Notifications, whereby you receive a message on WhatsApp asking you to take action like approving a reportee’s leave, approving their reimbursement request or adjusting attendance etc.  In the near future, employees will also be able to directly converse with the voicebot - Darwin on WhatsApp to get relevant answers and perform quick actions. 

The move comes as many enterprises are moving to WhatsApp for Business and embracing this integration. Research reports that as on date, the user statistics of WhatsApp for Business stand at 3 million. It’s this widespread usage that Darwinbox is banking upon to solve the struggle that talent leaders face to drive adoption for enterprise tech, personalize HR technology and make work-life simpler with minimum effort through WhatsApp, especially in today’s new remote work mode. The HR tech firm currently serves 300+ global enterprises present in over 70 countries, with more than 750,000 employees using the platform. Marquee clients include Arvind, Dr. Reddys, Emcure, Kotak, Myntra, Paytm, Swiggy, Bisleri, Nivea, TimesInternet, GVK Bio, etc.

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