News: KPMG’s smart clubhouse: an AI-powered space to work & play

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KPMG’s smart clubhouse: an AI-powered space to work & play

KPMG Singapore’s new clubhouse uses AI, VR and analytics to provide staffers a place to chill, work and innovate. This is the company’s gift to its Singapore staffers on the firm’s 77th anniversary.
KPMG’s smart clubhouse: an AI-powered space to work & play

KPMG Singapore staff lounge-turned-clubhouse has just become the most coveted place to go chill and work.

Millennials’ way of working was the inspiration for renovating the clubhouse to incorporate tech, functionality and aesthetics in one space.

The aim is to provide an open-space where friends, coworkers can not only catch up with each other but also meet with clients and even brainstorm on ideas together.

Design thinking has shaped the decor of the clubhouse and it is an amalgamation of AI, virtual reality and sophisticated design.

“It is symbolic of the firm’s vision to create a showcase of the latest technologies and innovation to bring an ecosystem of the future to life--one that redefines the future of work, and one that elevates the people experience to another level,” Ong Pang Thye, Managing Partner, KPMG Singapore said.

AI to change mood and ambience

With artificial intelligence, the lighting and mood of the clubhouse can be changed. This allows KPMG staff to readjust the space for a particular event, be it a work meeting or a fun gathering. The Collaborative Zone is where people can work and chill at the same time while the Event Zone is the area where townhall meetings and client events can also be hosted.

The Fun Zone is equipped with games such as pool, foosball, VR games and even a TV screen to watch football. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology allows staff members to get food and check out faster which solves the problem of long waiting lines, especially during lunchtime.  

FRED the friendly device

Friendly Relatable Engaging Device (FRED) is a 4.3 meter tall floor-to-ceiling LED screen who greets staff members, offers them coffee and reminds them to carry an umbrella in case of rain. Basically your best friend at the company clubhouse!

Powered by AI, FRED can recognize faces and ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the clubhouse. Thus, KPMG has now done away with staff ID cards and passes.

Food, coffee and beer

KPMG has employed a robust kitchen staff to help make hot food for employees and installed a Grab & Go kiosk for staffers to get a quick bite. An in-house cafe for coffee breaks and a refurbished bar for evening hangout sessions with colleagues ensures that employees can strike a work-life balance while at work!

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