News: Cornerstone takes on skills development market, launches new all-in-one platform

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Cornerstone takes on skills development market, launches new all-in-one platform

The new platform, Cornerstone Xplor, pulls together multiple learning and development functionalities that are otherwise only available as standalone tools.
Cornerstone takes on skills development market, launches new all-in-one platform

Cornerstone OnDemand announced this week that it has launched a new all-in-one platform that integrates learning experience, skills development, talent mobility, and career development all into a single workflow.

The platform, dubbed Cornerstone Xplor, pulls together the various functions associated with learning and talentt development, right down to skills-based recruitment, into a single tool. The integrated functionality is "unique and market-changing", according to global analyst Josh Bersin - it essentially renders redundant the need for companies to invest in multiple different systems to meet their assorted talent development objectives. Instead, they now have the option of using one catch-all platform.

"If it achieves its potential, Cornerstone Xplor could totally change the market. Companies may no longer want to invest in all these standalone skills-based platforms and now look for some integrated solution that pulls all this together," Bersin wrote in a review of the new product.

Cornerstone itself describes the new platform as building on the company's core technologies to synchronise individual users' learning preferences and desired skill development paths with employers' business needs and available resources. Internal mobility is a particular selling point, according to the announcement; Xplor is ideally intended to "reduce the need to constantly search for external talent" and replace it with easier movement of people between roles.

"Our customers are looking to Cornerstone to help them create a more human approach to their people experience. At the same time, they need to ensure their businesses are set up for transformation and for the skills and careers of tomorrow," said Phil Saunders, CEO of Cornerstone. "Our vision for a new system of work is designed to help our customers and their people meet this evolving nature of work, together."

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