News: Netflix, Amazon embark on talent quest: ChatGPT experts to get 7 crore salary


Netflix, Amazon embark on talent quest: ChatGPT experts to get 7 crore salary

Walmart, Google, Hinge, Upwork, and various other companies are actively searching for AI expertise while presenting attractive salary packages.
Netflix, Amazon embark on talent quest: ChatGPT experts to get 7 crore salary

Netflix and Amazon are currently in search of AI technology specialists akin to ChatGPT, and they are prepared to provide significant annual salaries reaching up to Rs 7 crore. Despite AI causing employment declines in several sectors, individuals with proficiency in this domain have the opportunity to secure lucrative positions. 

Exceptional candidates even stand to earn up to $900,000 yearly, approximately equivalent to Rs 7 crore per annum. These AI-focused positions are currently accessible within the United States.

A position for a product manager specialising in machine-learning platform has been posted by Netflix on its official website. The responsibilities encompass shaping the strategic trajectory of the Machine Learning Platform and evaluating its achievements. 

The role can be carried out at the California office or remotely on the West Coast. The compensation for this role falls between $300,000 and $900,000 annually, and a formal college degree is not obligatory.

Amazon is presently on a proactive quest to locate adept professionals within the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). In pursuit of this goal, they have recently unveiled a job opening targeting the role of Senior Manager with expertise in applied science and generative AI.

The chosen candidate for this position would assume substantial responsibilities. They would be leading a group of proficient professionals engaged in scientific exploration and the implementation of AI methodologies. 

Their primary domains of focus would include computer vision, a discipline dedicated to training computers in the interpretation of visual data akin to human perception, and generative imagery and videos, involving the creation of novel visual content through AI algorithms.

The position offers both intellectual stimulation and significant financial benefits. The base annual salary can reach up to $340,300; however, it's crucial to emphasise that this amount does not encompass potential bonuses, which have the potential to further elevate the overall compensation package.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained paramount importance across diverse sectors, resulting in an escalating need for proficient professionals in this domain. Netflix and Amazon are providing remunerations that position potential candidates in the uppermost percentile of income earners in the United States. 

Likewise, other enterprises are emulating this trend: Walmart is extending an offer of up to $288,000 annually for a Director of Retail Media AI, and Google is ready to allocate as much as $351,000 per year for a legal expert specializing in matters pertaining to AI law.

Even companies outside the tech sphere, such as the online dating app Hinge, are actively in pursuit of AI expertise. Match Group, the parent company of Hinge, is currently promoting an opening for a Vice President of AI, with the possibility of earning up to $398,000 annually. 

Similarly, Upwork, a freelancing platform, is on the lookout for a remote Vice President of AI and machine learning, presenting a foundational salary potential of up to $437,000 per year.

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