News: Dell says no promotion to those working from home

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Dell says no promotion to those working from home

Dell recently unveiled a major policy shift affecting promotions. Those opting for hybrid mode must work onsite at least three days a week to be considered for promotion.
Dell says no promotion to those working from home

Dell Technologies recently announced a significant policy change regarding remote work and promotions to its employees.

They have decided that employees working from home would not be considered for promotion or role change within the company.

The company has offered hybrid and remote mode arrangements to its employees. Employees opting for hybrid mode are expected to work from an approved office at least three days a week. Those opting for remote mode can work from any location outside the office, but they will not be considered for promotions. According to a report by Business Insider, the new policy, will come into effect in May.

"For remote team members, it is important to understand the trade-offs: Career advancement, including applying to new roles in the company, will require a team member to reclassify as hybrid onsite," reads the memo sent by Dell to its employees.

Data also shows that remote workers are more preferred for promotion. According to Live Data Technologies analysis, remote workers were 31% less likely to be promoted in 2023 as compared to their in-office peers.

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