News: Bosch to hire 10,000 engineers to work on newer technologies

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Bosch to hire 10,000 engineers to work on newer technologies

Bosch to invest in R&D in India to produce products for global market.
Bosch to hire 10,000 engineers to work on newer technologies

According to the latest media report, Bosch is set to hire 10,000 engineers in India to work at its R&D center in Bengaluru. It is also set to invest INR 500-800 crore over the next two years to increase operations in India, and this also includes R&D centers to develop products for global markets.

Soumitra Bhattacharya, Bosch Group President, India said, "We spend a lot of money on IoT, especially to provide mobility solutions, and we see a strong future in this area.” Internet of Things is one of the newer technologies where Bosch wants the hired engineers to work."

Though the contribution of the India market is only 3% to the Bosch’s global revenue, clearly as a country it is of strategic importance especially which regards to R&D. Currently, the Bengaluru R&D center is the second biggest in the world for Bosch with employs 18,000 engineers.

Bosch has also stated that that there were would be a sustained focus on Internal Combustion technologies, as they would continue to dominate the industry for long. And even in 2030, the purely Electric Vehicles will comprise of 10-18% of the global vehicles. For now, Bosch is working towards developing cars which offers better connectivity for the car owners, and could act as extensions to their homes and office.

Bhattacharya said, "Today, the car is looked at as the third living space after one's office and home. Bosch is making for connected, automated and shared vehicles. Just from your car, you will have an equal form of connectivity as you can have from the office or home."

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