News: Meta unveils free AI model to compete with ChatGPT and Google


Meta unveils free AI model to compete with ChatGPT and Google

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted in a Facebook post that open-source technology fosters innovation by allowing a larger number of developers to build with new advancements.
Meta unveils free AI model to compete with ChatGPT and Google

On Tuesday, Meta, the owner of Facebook, launched a new and free version of its artificial intelligence model, directly competing with OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google.

The remarkable large language models created by OpenAI and Google form the basis for the ChatGPT and Bard chatbots, generating excitement due to their ability to imitate human creativity and expertise.

On the other hand, Meta has chosen not to directly release generative AI products to consumers. Instead, they have focused on developing Llama, a language model specifically designed for researchers, enabling them to refine its capabilities.

Llama is an open-source language model, granting access to its internal workings for anyone to experiment with and customize. This sets it apart from the headline-grabbing AIs developed by OpenAI and Google.

Models like OpenAI's world-leading GPT-4 are closed and proprietary, denying clients access to their programming code and detailed information on how their data is handled.

"Open source drives innovation because it enables many more developers to build with new technology. It also improves safety and security because when software is open, more people can scrutinize it to identify and fix potential issues," Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post.

The emphasis on safety also underscores a departure from OpenAI's models, which have raised concerns due to instances of generating false information or deviating from the intended course in chatbot interactions.

Meta's enhanced and more potent version of their model, Llama 2, will be accessible to any business for download or through Microsoft's Azure cloud service as part of a special partnership with the Windows maker.

In addition to its significant partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft's collaboration with Meta indicates the company's efforts to diversify its AI offerings, introducing products that empower businesses with greater control over their data and software.

On Tuesday, Microsoft, known for its assertive foray into the AI market, experienced a substantial surge in its share price. This surge was prompted by the announcement that Microsoft would be introducing an AI-enhanced version of Microsoft 365, its office platform, charging $30 per user, per month for access.

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