News: SigmaOS joins the chatbot game with Airis: A ChatGPT-like companion in your browser


SigmaOS joins the chatbot game with Airis: A ChatGPT-like companion in your browser

SigmaOS, the exclusive web browser for macOS, unveils its very own AI assistant. Airis boasts advanced capabilities, including contextual understanding and the ability to handle multiple queries simultaneously.
SigmaOS joins the chatbot game with Airis: A ChatGPT-like companion in your browser

Since the introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI, there has been a significant increase in the competition for AI, with major techn companies such as Google and Microsoft all introducing their own chatbots. Recently, Opera also revealed its chatbot called Aria, which shares similarities with ChatGPT and resides in the sidebar of the browser.


SigmaOS, an exclusive web browser for macOS, has recently introduced its own AI assistant called Airis. For those unfamiliar, SigmaOS is a free-to-use browser that utilises the Webkit engine. The company asserts that the browser is specifically crafted to improve productivity, offering features such as tab organisation into distinct lists, tab marking, and the option to install extensions from the Google Chrome Web store.

According to a report by Indian Express, the developers of SigmaOS stated that their AI chatbot Airis is capable of providing answers to your queries by comprehending the context of a webpage. For instance, if you ask Airis questions or provide an explanation about the term 'Titans' while reading an article about the IPL team Gujarat Titans, the chatbot will discern that you are referring to the team rather than the general meaning of the word.

In contrast to Bing Chat, Airis allows users to inquire about any topic by selecting text and performing a right-click action. Additionally, similar to ChatGPT and Bard, it can rephrase text, sentences, or paragraphs, and it offers prompt options such as 'Make it simple', 'Make it childlike', or 'Write this in 200 words'. 

Powered by GPT-4, it possesses the ability to translate articles and webpages in real-time across multiple languages. Furthermore, Airis supports ongoing conversations, much like Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing.

As per a report from The Verge, the forthcoming capabilities of Airis, the chatbot, include the ability to provide answers to queries about the browser, comprehend entire websites, and even establish workspaces within the SigmaOS web browser. 

Another advantage Airis holds over ChatGPT is the absence of wait time for task completion. The chatbot is equipped to handle simultaneous rewriting and other tasks on multiple pages. Presently, access to Airis can be obtained by joining the waitlist through the SigmaOS website.

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