News: Workday allows users to access HR services using Slack


Workday allows users to access HR services using Slack

Slack and Workday are teaming up to enable employees to access human resources information and complete related tasks without switching between the apps.
Workday allows users to access HR services using Slack

The cloud-based collaboration tool, Slack and the on-demand financial and management and human capital management software vendor, Workday has announced a partnership wherein they plan to integrate their respective platforms to let customers utilize Workday's human resource tools from within the Slack interface.

The integration will enable the employees to access team-members' information, organizational charts, check benefits, provide feedback to a colleague, or request time off without leaving Slack. 

This partnership will also offer a new feature - Workday Assistant, which will be a bot inside of Slack. This puts the HR software in the background, and let users do all of their business from inside a single window.

Further, both the companies plan to expand the integration for IT teams, enabling them to designate team members to the appropriate Slack channels based on their department. The partnership also plans to offer customized Workday notifications within Slack in the future.

Joe Korngiebel, CTO at Workday was quoted in media saying, "Innovation has always been one of our core values here at Workday, and embracing an open mindset and collaboration wherever it makes sense for the good of customers."

As reported in People Matters earlier, Slack, founded by Stewart Butterfield introduced a feature in its tool called Shared Channels that allows companies to interact and collaborate with each other and ease the overall process of doing business together. 

Currently, Slack partners with Oracle, SAP, Google, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

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