News: Slack introduces cross-organization collaboration

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Slack introduces cross-organization collaboration

Slack will now let you chat and collaborate with employees at other companies through its new feature Shared Channels.
Slack introduces cross-organization collaboration

Slack, a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services, founded by Stewart Butterfield has recently introduced a new feature in its tool called Shared Channels. Shared channels will allow companies to interact and collaborate with each other and ease the overall process of doing business together. 

The shared channels feature will be available to the paid users of Slack and can be accessed through Beta.  The administrators of both the organizations can create the channels, where one will accept the invitation of another. Once the shared channel is created, participants can create an unlimited number of public and private interactions. However, the chat is limited to the common space. The members of another company’s Slack cannot see any of your corporate channels. Paul Rosania, Development Lead of Slack’s core product shared in media, “We’re not merging data sets in any way that would reveal more than we have to facilitate the exact discussion.” 

April Underwood, Vice-President of Product at Slack was quoted in media saying, “We think of shared channels as the most important thing we’ve launched since Slack itself.” She added, “They’re fundamentally a new way of working.”

Today the company has users in 100 countries with 50,000 paid organizations. The international users account for 55 percent of its user base. To support international expansion, the firm has invested in localization efforts, and as of today, Slack is available in French, German, and Spanish.

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