Video: Mitigating the Risk of a Wrong Hire


Mitigating the Risk of a Wrong Hire

What is critical thinking? How is it linked to the workplace? How can the risk of a bad hire can be mitigated?



Cognitive ability tests are powerful predictors of task performance at work – more than academic achievements. People Matters and Pearson TalentLens in partnership present a webinar on 'Mitigating the Risk of a Wrong Hire'. It is stated that in today's dynamic economy, Critical Thinking takes the top position in the list of top 5 competencies that is lacking in the next generation leaders, with a figure as high as 42%. This prompts questions like what is critical thinking, how is critical thinking related to workplace, how is this related to job performance and how can organizations infuse critical thinking in their learning and development. Wyn Davies and Shashir Shetty of Pearson TalentLens talk about how critical thinking skill is important and how organizations across industries can design, develop and implement innovative assessment related strategies for talent management. The webinar discusses numerous research studies which demonstrate that cognitive ability tests are powerful predictors of task performance at work – more than academic achievements. Therefore, measuring only general ability (a person’s prior knowledge and experience) may offer a less rounded picture of an applicant’s general ability and may result in hiring talent that may have technically sound skills or formal education, but inadequate higher order abilities such as critical thinking or numerical reasoning skills. By implementing the right set of ability tests, one can lower the risk of a wrong hire.

Topics: #CriticalThinkingWeek, Performance Management, Learning & Development

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