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Leveraging Storytelling in Digital Organizations

Power of storytelling

Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer, Wipro on how storytelling in digital organizations can be leveraged. Abhijit speaks that the human mind works on discreet pieces of information and makes sense out of them. Therefore storytelling is the process of making sense of the vast information around us. Story is usually well-told and is well structured otherwise it becomes an anecdote. Every HR person is a collection of stories. Stories can be created with as little as possible. How to create something that creates a trigger. The moment a HR process creates a process, it creates a story and its unusual because its the power of the visual. But organizations miss the point because they rely more on PPTs and no one remembers this. If you want to create a pull, create a story, but a credible one as it is instrumental in motivating people. Stories also survive because of trust and suspension of disbelief is an important aspect of storytelling. Businesses need more storytelling as they are getting faster, complex, disrupted and business models are changing. Storie stus help organizations to integrate during time sof rapid changes and also scaling. 

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