Video: Highly engaged leadership furthers business


Highly engaged leadership furthers business

People Matters and Oracle bring you the benefits of having an highly engaged leadership.

A recent Study by Gallup of 2.5 million manager-led teams showed that employees who are supervised by highly engaged leadership teams are 39 percent more likely to be more engaged. As organizations look for engaged employees who display higher levels of commitment to the organization’s vision, strategies, and goals, collaborative leadership is a key ingredient to drive that transformation. This session will reflect on the ways a leader can enhance the overall well-being of an employee.

Some key focus areas are:

  • How do higher engagement scores impact businesses?

  • Why is leadership a key ingredient in driving higher levels of employee engagement?

  • What do leaders in the digital age do to transform their culture?

  • What kinds of insights can technology enable or arm individuals with?
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Topics: Leadership, Strategic HR, #Webinar

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