Video: Transforming HR to develop leaders


Transforming HR to develop leaders

The need for newer strategies to capitalise on new opportunities is the need of the hour

In this webinar, People Matters partners with Wilson Learning to discuss how newer avenues are opening up for HR and L&D to develop leaders. Across organizations, newer avenues are opening up for HR and L&D. Leaders from HR and L&D need to devise strategies to capitalize on the new opportunities. L&D leaders are aligning the function with the business needs and delivering real value. Their new role is to advise and develop leaders who are their internal customers. They are striving to create a strong and trusting relationship with the internal customers. David Yesford, senior VP, Wilson Learning Worldwide, and Vivek Chandramohan, MD, Wilson Learning India present a set of key points where they cover in this session:

1. How do learning leaders creating trust in internal customers of the organization?

2. How can the process of ‘buying learning’ be facilitated in business leaders?

3. How do L&D leaders de-clutter complexity for developing leaders?

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Topics: Leadership, Learning & Development, Leadership Development

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