Video: Hiring & retaining people -Shaheen Mistri


Hiring & retaining people -Shaheen Mistri

Shaheen Mistri, Founder of the Akanksha Foundation and CEO of Teach for India talks about how they select people to work for them and the challenges

Shaheen talks about how they hire their staffa nd fellows. Shaheen says that people mostly self select, as they hear and share stories of our work. This is what connects with people. Shaheen further says that there is an elaborate recruitment effort that spans across 8 months, where questions like what the mission is, what does educational equity looks like, what the role they can play and as part of that how they want to joing in - as staff or a fellow are asked. Presentations happen around 300 diferent college campuses all over the counrty and follow up calls with potential applicants are done extensively. It is a Media/recruitment effort and is highly aspirational and selective. Shaheen goes on to say that retention has been a problem, becasue of the compensation and burn out factor. This job is typically hard for younger managers as it is a missionary zeal place to work and often people are put in roles which they are not ready for and the skill sets are not there for the responsibility they are given.

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