Video: Even with the rise of AI, human connection is critical: Merle Chen


Even with the rise of AI, human connection is critical: Merle Chen

Merle Chen shares the HR transformation journey.

Singapore-based hospitality group, The Lo & Behold Group has embarked on a transformation journey by leveraging the power of technology. They utilized technology to redefine their process, policies and the way they enable, engage and connect with their distributed workforce. In an interview with People Matters, Merle Chen, Chief Talent Officer, The Lo & Behold Group spoke to Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor-In-Chief, People Matters and gave an insider view of selecting technology, setting up the right change management process & building partnership with finance.

Watch the video to learn more about the HR transformation journey of The Lo & Behold Group.  

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Topics: Technology, Strategic HR, #TTE2018

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