Video: Flip the script – Wipro’s journey towards continuous skilling

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Flip the script – Wipro’s journey towards continuous skilling

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Watch an exclusive presentation on the changing world of work by Anurag Seth, VP & Head of Talent Transformation at Wipro


As businesses navigate new work paradigms – from flat organizational structures to new technology frameworks, there’s one central shift that’s needed to bring them together: Skilling. Wipro, a leading Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services, worked towards re-thinking their skilling priorities for new hires as well as for existing employees.

“Change doesn’t happen in a short span of time says, Anurag Seth, VP and Head of Talent Transformation.

The company developed a number of steps to ensure that employees were given the time to learn new skills, they also developed, virtual labs and internal platforms to ensure that employees could participate in real life projects. The end result of that journey is a new Talent Development process that employees could be deployed to new projects quickly, it also helped the company shorten the on-boarding journey of a fresh graduate to a client service ready professional from six months to eight weeks. 

Through this presentation, learn about:

1.       How Wipro identified focus areas for skilling and reskilling?

2.      What were the key steps in moving to a continuous skilling strategy?

3.      The shifts in HR processes that supported the skilling agenda

4.      How to engage employees in the process?


 This talk was first presented at Skillsoft’s Perspectives 2020



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