Video: Consumerization: Multigenerational learners, learners as consumers

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Consumerization: Multigenerational learners, learners as consumers

Organizations are readily empowering employees to learn further, and this has fostered an environment wherein people want to learn.
In the context of increasing digitization, consumerization and customization of learning interventions, the future of learning will be pertinent on allowing corporate and individual learning goals to converge, and simplify learning solutions. Watch the snippets of the panel discussion ‘Consumerization: Multigenerational Learners, Learners as Consumers’ held at the L&D League Annual Conference 2016, on 20th October 2016, with Sharlyn Lauby (ITM Group) as the facilitator, and Vani Gupta Dandiya (PepsiCo India), Foo Chek Wee (Zalora) and Jayeeta Chatterjee (OLX) as the panelists.  ...
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