Video: How can we make L&D a strategic lever for business

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How can we make L&D a strategic lever for business

Why L&D should focus on creating a clearly stated purpose for companies.

The need of the hour is transformation. Building a next generation organization with people, process, and technology embedded in the culture of the organization. Design an approach which is people-centric. Integrate technology with latest applications and digital platforms, provide platforms for innovations which complimenting the multigenerational talent. The approach should also be core people focused and winning culture to be able to with-stand the VUCA world and also an organization should be able to have a succession plan ready with the right talent. And the challenge is how can we continue to have the same winning formula in this kind of workforce. The organizations need to own a structured culture – a clearly stated purpose and once the companies follow a sequence of this, then the organizations’ internal customers i.e the employees can also align with the vision/mission. However, the idea is also to have a flexibility approach in mind. While you can have a structured approach, Ajay Kaul, CEO at the Jubilant FoodWorks shared a point where he stated that all this can be done with a common goal in mind i.e. Aligning one and all. Watch this video to know more. 


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