Video: L&D Masterclass: Is Experiential learning the future of learning?

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L&D Masterclass: Is Experiential learning the future of learning?

With GenY forming a major part of the workforce, it is the right time to tweak age-old learning techniques, says Dr Rajshri Jobanputra, Senior Learning Consultant and Sethu Meenakshisundaram, VP (Marketing), Knolskape

People Matters organised a webinar in association with KNOLSKAPE. The webinar focussed on why experiential learning is the future of learning.

 “Experiential learning is to make people learn and understand going forward. It’s not about what is being delivered, but more about what is being absorbed that matters the most”said Sethu Meenakshisundaram, Vice President, Marketing, KNOLSKAPE. Experiential learning is a powerful way to address potential and growth of an individual. It is imperative to use the best sort of learning and development methods for a given situation. Dr.Rajshi Jobanputra, Senior Learning Consultant, KNOLSKAPE noted that “Individuals are directly involvd in a learning experience rather than being a receipient of ready made content in the form of lecture”. Emphasising on the David Kolbs learning cycle model according to which learning is personal and authentic and experiences are carefully chosen, structured, and supported on the same lines KNOLSKAPE  offers experience to their learners in informal places like classroom that enables learners absorb things that happen to them with experience.  

In the era of technology, Millenials aka Generation Y are tech-savy and expect immediate access to  information. With the paradigm shift in the learning process, organizations need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning. In conclusion, experiential learning is the future of learning because it accelerates learning, increases the engagement levels , bridges the gap between theory and learning and enables personalised learning.

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