Video: Learning courage & resilience from kids- Shaheen Mistri

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Learning courage & resilience from kids- Shaheen Mistri

Shaheen Mistri, Founder of the Akanksha Foundation and CEO of Teach for India talks about how she has learnt from children

Shaheen talks about how she feels blessed through this journey and that the greatest teachers have been the children. Learning from kids and from people who live in poverty has been immense. From all that, the values of courage and resilience stand out the most. Shaheen goes on to say that a big learning was what is within my control and what is not. She states that she started out by thinking that she can change the world, but it is not the case and that she had to first change her own self. The second big learning was how to operate with the values we have set in. Learning to apologize, forgive etc is more important. The third learning was shifting the mindset on to looking after people who are closest. A belief in self awareness and self reflection is what is sustainable. 

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