Video: Onboarding high-impact freshers with the right opportunities at Tiger Analytics

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Onboarding high-impact freshers with the right opportunities at Tiger Analytics

In conversation with Mangesh Ahire and Tarun Goel of Tiger Analytics, and Minaxi Indra of upGrad for Business, we get actionable insights on designing impactful and holistic onboarding fresher programs.


For Tiger Analytics, talent is the key differentiator to delivering a best-in-class experience to its customers. This is where the critical role of freshers comes in, who must be strategically onboarded to become project-ready at speed, reduce opportunity costs and add business value. Given upGrad for Business’ standing in the EdTech sector, Tiger Analytics decided to partner with them to launch their Onboarding Program for freshers across disciplines. This was designed to champion holistic talent development with equal emphasis on technical and soft skills. 

Setting the right foundation for freshers was critical for delivering business value to their clients. Enabling them with the right opportunities and empowering them to take ownership of their learning journeys were also important facets. After all, a productive workforce contributes to business growth. In our exclusive one-of-a-kind multimedia flipbook in partnership with upGrad for Business, Amplifying Growth, Achieving Impact: Customer Success Stories, we dive deeper into Tiger Analytics’ learning journey and witness how it benefited diverse learners. 

This video interview is only one of the 11 stories we bring to you on designing learning programs that empower your workforce to thrive in the right roles. In conversation with Mangesh Ahire, Senior Manager - Learning and Development, at Tiger Analytics; Tarun Goel, Senior Director at Tiger Analytics; and Minaxi Indra, President at upGrad for Business, we get exclusive insights on their partnership. Some of the key takeaways this video includes are:

  • Designing L&D programs that emphasise holistic talent development
  • Empowering freshers with skill sets to address client requirements and solve industry problems
  • How uGB met Tiger Analytics’ blended learning requirements 
  • Reviewing the progress and impact of the programs through the OGSM (Objective, Goal, Strategy, Measure) framework
  • Democratising the L&D process to make it more relevant and impactful

And more! With freshers having a steep learning curve, watch this space for more industry stories on designing onboarding programs that empower learners to become productive and accelerate business growth. 

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