Video: Skilling with agility, governance and engagement at TerraPay

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Skilling with agility, governance and engagement at TerraPay

In this exclusive conversation with Vinay Trivedi of TerraPay and Minaxi Indra of upGrad for Business, we get insightful takeaways on building agile learning models to achieve business growth and impact.


For a rapidly scaling startup like TerraPay, the challenge was building everything from scratch, including their learning interventions. The urgency was to get clarity on the skills they wanted for their workforce training, but these requirements kept shifting in a dynamic business landscape. It is critical that talent becomes productive and is empowered to translate their learnings into practical experiences. To accomplish this, they partnered with upGrad for Business and launched their Training program for Java and Advanced Java Skills to ensure learner fitment, commitment and engagement. 

Designing the right learning experience was paramount, and this called for a robust governance model which looked at strategic reviews, operational reviews and learner feedback. Along with this, agility was a key ingredient to keeping pace with the changing learning requirements and formats. To dive deeper into this L&D partnership where uGB was TerraPay’s ‘extended learning partner’, you’ll get insightful takeaways from our one-of-a-kind multimedia flipbook in partnership with uGB, titled Amplifying Growth, Achieving Impact: Customer Success Stories

This interview is only one of the 11 stories we bring to you where leading companies launch skilling programs that yield meaningful and measurable business outcomes. In this discussion with Vinay Trivedi, Global Head HR, Admin & Travel, TerraPay and Minaxi Indra, President, upGrad for Business, we unlock exciting insights on designing impactful learning journeys. We will explore key takeaways in this video, which will delve into:

  • The critical value of building agile learning models to navigate an uncertain future
  • TerraPay’s learning journey with uGB as their extended learning partner
  • uGB’s strategic, 3 layered governance model in action and its impact
  • How prioritising the learner experience led to increased subject clarity and confidence
  • Critical insights on designing more relevant learning programs

And more! Skilling programs must ensure that the learners are empowered to perform their roles with greater expertise and experience. Watch this space for more industry stories on designing agile, engaging and learner-centric L&D interventions. 

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