Video: The Effectiveness of 'Deep Learning' in a Bite-size world

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The Effectiveness of 'Deep Learning' in a Bite-size world

Watch an in-depth session on the efficacy of deep learning in an era where bite-size way of learning is increasingly becoming the norm.

As technological advances put us in the ‘age of uncertainty’, one thing we know is that the profile of jobs is changing. Jobs that get added to the economy are non-routine cognitive ones. To develop people to perform in this environment and play a role in making the organization future-ready, there is a need to re-evaluate current learning trends and ground them in what we know about the challenges to come in future. This includes re-looking at trends in micro-learning, the role of long-term programs for the bottom 1/3rd of the organizational pyramid, among others.

Speaker: John Cherian, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Enparadigm

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Topics: Learning & Development, #PMLnD

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