Article: Are You In The List 2018 Winner: Amit Sharma


Are You In The List 2018 Winner: Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma of Cipla believes that the biggest talent priority is to match organizations best talent to roles creating highest value.
Are You In The List 2018 Winner: Amit Sharma

Amit Sharma | Sr. Manager | Cipla

To be honest, it was a case of serendipity. As my engineering came to an end, I was on my way to an IIM post writing MBA entrances. However, purely based on RoI, I made the decision of joining TISS. The transition from a clueless aspirant to a passionate HR professional happened with time.

Points of differentiation

Openness to experience: A curious outlook towards life mixed with cherubic optimism. This has led me to working in almost every HR stream within 4 years of experience. During this journey, I developed an ability to match big picture thinking with speed of execution. I consciously attempt to move beyond bench-marking, and refer to research papers, as HR is an intersection of behavioral science, psychology and management. And eventually, the focus is on delivering solutions which make the business work more efficiently.

Biggest Talent Priority to solve

The biggest talent priority is to match organization’s best talent to roles creating highest value.

The one thing I will retain in HR

The curiosity towards leveraging technology. Also, the colorful mix of art and science - the soft and the hard.

The one thing I will change in HR

Move beyond silos to an integrated approach to solution oriented HR. The focus should be on merging people agenda and business agenda. 

Vision for HR's future growth

With automation, there will be lesser component of the HR function and a higher component of project management. HR can lead the agenda for enhancing efficiencies across verticals and functions. HR as a profession will need to read a lot more, and move beyond common sense and benchmarks. The CEO, and HR themselves, will need to look at every minute spent by an HR professional from a RoI to the bottom-line perspective. Eventually, HR would be about helping businesses make data aided decisions.


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