Article: How Pazcare is simplifying employee insurance & healthcare benefits for Indian companies

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How Pazcare is simplifying employee insurance & healthcare benefits for Indian companies

It is not enough to introduce just the right policies; companies need to step up their support to build ease in the process and ensure employees are aware.
How Pazcare is simplifying employee insurance & healthcare benefits for Indian companies

The COVID19 pandemic has dramatically changed how people think about the need for insurance. According to one study, there's been a 98 per cent increase in the demand for health cover post-COVID in India. Employees across companies are looking at ways to secure their health and financial stability. The right health care insurance plan is no longer an optional benefit; it is a must-have.

Insurance, if mismanaged, could negatively impact the employee's work experience. Alternatively, a great experience could boost employee morale. With several players already in the marketplace, HR leaders must make the right choice. While shortlisting the right group health insurance plan for their employees, HR leaders must ensure that they check the following:

HR checklist for insurance:

  1. Comprehensive insurance: A comprehensive insurance plan gives you a safety net during medical or health emergencies. What sets it apart from other basic health insurance plans is it's all-inclusive. That means it covers consultations, medical testing, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, ambulance cover, alternative treatments, etc. While several companies pre-pandemic opted for group health insurance, this approach changed significantly post-pandemic, and employees are looking at health insurance now as more than a benefit.

  2. Seamless claim process: From a customer experience standpoint, a seamless claim process is the ultimate moment of truth. In an increasingly digital work mode, the insurance claim process should not be cumbersome. That calls for paperless insurance, easy claims and total transparency.

  3. Wellness packages & health checkups – As the shift towards health and wellness moves towards preventive health care, make sure your insurer is offering wellness packages that help employees keep track of their regular health, and that includes offering services like doctor on call, health checkups etc.,

  4. Pre-existing diseases and maternity coverage – Ensuring that any pre-existing diseases and conditions are covered is essential. Non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, cancer, respiratory illness are some examples. Companies should also ensure that there is enough maternity cover for their employees.

How Pazcare is simplifying employee healthcare benefits

  • Dashboard for HR/Founder: The employer dashboard makes your HR and Admin team's life much easier. Using this dashboard, one can add/ remove employees with a few clicks, track employee claims and usage, integrate with your preferred HRMS, real-time support tracking, and introduce human-assisted chat.

  • Mobile app for employees: An integrated mobile experience could help your employees better understand their insurance cover, so they can see what's covered and what isn't. Employees could also better understand the claims process on the app itself. The application is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. Employees can also access Tele doctor consultations, personalised wellness sessions and buy medicines at discounted prices.

  • HRMS Integration: In a hybrid working world, companies are increasingly turning to leverage HRMS tools to cushion their workplace experience. HRMS integration is a must-have as companies realize that having multiple tools for different activities make the process difficult for both the employer and employee. And an integrated insurance portal could play a key role in ensuring that the employee experience is eased.

  • Expert Guidance: Insurance as a field is still in the early stages of deep penetration in the country. Employees are prone to making mistakes in the claim process and not understanding the conditions aligned to the process. At every step of the way, right from admittance to a network hospital to submitting the requisite documents and proofs require an experienced guide. Pazcare, an insurance broking company mitigates this difficulty with its expert guidance.

  • 24x7 Claim Support: Claim support is one of the crucial steps in the insurance process. The last thing employees who are under stress taking care of loved ones need is calls that aren't answered. Companies must invest in insurance platforms that help employees with 24x7 claim support.

Whether your employees are working remotely or not, ensuring that a technology platform that eases their healthcare experience will be critical to the overall brand experience that your company stands for. With the future of the pandemic still unclear, and a growing population with lifestyle diseases, companies need to invest in the right technology to manage their group medical insurance and healthcare benefits.

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